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More About Us

The McCrary Family is widely known for their Music as a contemporary music and gospel music staple in America and abroad.  Their journey began in Youngstown, Ohio, where five siblings sang the Gospel in church together. The original “McCrary Five” are comprised of Linda (alto), Sam (bass), Alfred (baritone/tenor), Howard (tenor/pianist) and Charity (soprano).  The McCrary sound is ‘genetically innovative”, regarding the cohesive harmonies the siblings have brought to the entertainment field for over 40 years.

The sound and story of The McCrarys is rich and unique.  The original five still have their hands in vibrant music projects today.  And of course, the McCrary family has grown.  Now three generations strong of dynamic musicians and entertainers the family has come together under the philosphy of “To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required” to collaborate together and collectively archive and share their music history as a family unit in service to the community.  Music has always been the foundation and life-blood and gift along with a heart to spread love, hope and joy to those around us.

With that in mind,  The McCrary Foundation was established as a California non-profit organization April 2014. We’ve come together as three generations of McCrarys with the mission to inspire creativity through music and art, to positively empower and cultivate peace and harmony. We desire to help individuals actualize boundless potential through artistic expression, discovering that they can bring about positive change within themselves and the world they live in.

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